3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs FAIL

by Vitaliy
In this post I would like to share with you at least 3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs FAIL.

This way I'm also starting a new section on my blog sharing with you valuable IM (internet marketing) tips and tricks.
You'll find in here videos and audios by recognized leaders in the field and my summary of the lessons learned.

So, if you're into internet marketing - money making niche, you are going to benefit a lot.
For now, let's start with the first post on why many starting entrepreneurs fail. The video is presented by Vick Strizeus and it's a part of his weekly show.

So, why most entrepreneurs actually fail?

Here are the three reasons:

1. Messed up thinking
2. Messed up investing
3. Scattered focus

What is the solution?

Obviously good guidance or mentorship, focus and correct business attitude will help. But there is much more than that. For example, there are two things you can't do without if you'd like to have a success. These are YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH and THE VALUE PROVIDED to the market place. Sounds too simplified?
Watch the video for longer version :)

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