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The FourPercent echoes VSProfits marketing strategy and approach. This educational platform fits nicely into our own eco-system and resonates fully with our vision. At FourPercent you get access to a number of quality courses for free. To get the idea let me compare it to Udemy or some similar platform. That's actually what 4 % is with the difference that it's going to be "Udemy" for entrepreneurs with quality education related to entrepreneurship. Of course there some core paid courses but those are totally optional.

O, and by the way, if you refer someone to this platform and they decide to purchase a paid course, you will get a commission like you would do in Amazon through their partner's program. However, there is no pressure here to buy any course nor for you neither for the people you refer. This what makes 4% different from other programs and what makes them FTC/SEC compliant. It's a long-term program and I totally endorse it.

While there you can potentially earn from Four Percent, I'd however encourage you to use it as a training hub at first place. Their level of marketing education exceeds most of all you find on the net.

One of the best & core courses at Four Percent is a step-by-step program called The Challenge. Consider it as a "University for Entrepreneurs" because in essence it plays that role. I myself am enrolled into this and recommend it to others. To get a better idea of what Four Percent platform is think of this: People spend dozens or even hundred of thousand of dollars for University education in hopes to get a highly paid job thereafter. Four Percent teaches how to realistically become a real entrepreneur which could lead to a 5-6 figures income per year. Do you think it is worth to focus on that type of education?

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My personal two cents on 4%

I am staying with 4 % group already from the very beginning of it's foundation (a couple of years) and have no regrets about it. Vick is an exellent marketer with lot's of insight and marketing experience. I have made it as a part of VSProfits as 4% Group Vision totally resonates with Our Systems'. Benefits? Elite marketing education on a regular basis, interviews with millionaires in various profitable niches, a possibility to earn from multiple income streams (if you optin to promote their products, no worries, no hiddent costs here, absolutely free option). The potential here is really great which is why I have added 4% to VSP System. Oh, and one more thing that makes this educational platform unique and legal: a majority of 4% members are actually customers/students at first place. It is a product based educational platform and not another "opportunity business". That's actually laid out in their policy.

Build Funnels that Convert

One of the benefits to study at the "Success Challenge" course is learning how to make beautiful funnels that convert.

Attract Clients without Chasing Them

You will learn how to generate traffic and how to become a lead magnet for your clients/subscribers.

VSProfits recommends FourPercent

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